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MicroLearning & Virtual Lessons
Microlearning consists of short training modules that are focused on a specific topic that contain the information necessary to help the learner achieve a specific objective or goal. The training modules are designed to support the growth and development of youth and family ministry programs by offering simple and effective ways to train your staff and volunteers.

Virtual lessons are youth ministry lessons that are designed to be used online rather than in-person.
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This self-paced training explores how brain-based learning can be used to enhance the classroom environment.

It includes:
  • 3 5-minutes videos
  • Resources for each
  • Activity to complete for each
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Virtual Lessons
Each lesson, designed for children ages 5 to 10, contains a link to PowerPoint that can be shared during a live video conferencing session, instruction sheet and a link to the Youtube video story.
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"Act of Kindness Can Change the World"
(Please note that in the video are images of children holding hands and touching. In this time of physical distancing, special instructions will need to be given regarding this practice.)
PowerPoint Lesson
Fill Your Bucket Video, The Learning Station
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